The definitive source of information regarding the white monstrosities known as synx.                          ~{Synx}~

A cold blooded, genderless, parasitic eel from the more distant and stranger areas of the cosmos. Plain, white, perpetually grinning and possessing a hunger as enthusiastic and endless as humanity's sense of exploration, these lovely animals are seen as a blight on all worlds they're found. Weak and frail by the standards of terrestrial apex predators, synx lurk in the shadows, stalking weak and vulnerable individuals before finally dragging them away to an incomprehensibly horrid fate. Shockingly enough these baby eating monsters are not very popular with the locals of any world they visit and have built quite the reputation for being an intergalactic nuisance. Any individual or species versed in the synx usually kills them on sight, with extreme prejudice.

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